Monday, April 28, 2014

out of class 2

For my second out of class activity I went to the library at my school Richard bland college and walked around and looked at the art they had in there. There was some interesting painting. I really can't tell which one would be my favorite they were all good.

out of class

For my out of class activity I went to the beach. I was at the beach for the whole weekend while I was there I walked around and I even rode pass a museum but it was closed. The beach has a lot of attraction that you can keep keep you busy. At the beach they have a park that was once a pile of trash but they turned it in to a park. The name of he park is called mount trash more that's what my friend said. I don't know if she was kidding but it really did look like a pile of trash and you could roll down the heel and everything. So if you ever deiced to go to the beach check it out .

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Richard Bland College

I attended this school thinking it was going to be fun plus its close to home. But when i got here its like everybody is weird and don't want to talk to you. I know I'm shy myself and not really a social person but you can at least smile and say HI when i try to speak to you don't just look at me like I'm crazy.

the weekends

I work and go to school(Richard bland) Monday- Friday. So on the weekends if I want to turn up and go party I am but I never forget that school and work comes first. I'm going to do homework and other things first before I go party. So I can say at the age of 19 years old I'm doing good for myself I have my priorities in order.

I'm not stupid

I been in school for 14 years now I'm pretty sure I know how to count, add, subtract, divide and multiple. I get my check and I know someone cheated me out my money cause i know i should have got paid more than that. so someones not adding right. I take my check to my boss and come to find out her dumb ass didn't add it up correctly. 


So I work Monday-Friday and off on Saturday and Sunday. i like my work schedule but the pay is bad. i feel i should get paid way more plus get paid every 2 weeks instead of once a month.

Monday, January 27, 2014

This Damn English Class

Hi my name is Brianna
I'm 19 years old
From Hopewell Virginia
My best friend is Natasha Prosser which is also in my English class
Favorite color is pink
Don't like drama
Easy to get along with